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We have been working with various organizations to produce content that increases brand awareness, generates high lead volume, and brand engagement.

What we do best

Brand Strategy

How important is a brand strategy? Well the way you develop, promote, or create your brand is what keeps your business successfully achieving all of its goals. An effective brand strategy that sticks to your niche market can lead to happier clients and higher lead volume. We specialize in brand strategy by utilizing data, implementing strategic design elements, and by building the right brand for you. Whether it’s designing a website, implementing a digital marketing campaign, or building your brand from scratch.

Market Research

If used properly, data can take your business to the next level. Shane O’Connell Design, LLC can implement many forms of data gathering. Whether it be putting together a focus group, reaching out to your customer base to get feedback, street surveying, or A/B testing. We use the latest tools to bring you real life data that will help you holistically understand your customers. We can help find out what your organization is doing right now that is successful or needs a little work.

Integrated Marketing

Shane O’Connell Design, LLC brings your brand strategy and research together to create marketing campaigns that will work for your organization and its budget. We specialize in various integrated marketing services including but not limited to digital marketing, experiential marketing, and any sales initiatives for your existing sales team.



Shane O’Connell Design, LLC has been a vital extension of our team. They have added tremendous value, elevating our marketing and sales materials to the next level.
— David Trace, SVP of Sales for SaveUp