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5 Cool Miami Startups


With our new Startup Center, we wanted to take the time to highlight 5 Miami Startups that we came across. Check them out!


Feulmatics has invested in taking another step towards a fully-automated future, the “truly-automated” gas station. The idea is this: you pull up to the pump, break out your phone, and press a few buttons, and voila! The pump, being wholly automated, will fill your tank with no interaction required. No more getting out of the car in the winter cold, and for those with qualms, much less with potentially germ-ridden environments. It’s an extremely interesting concept and a logical next step in the march toward automation.

Drive-Thru refueling with payment app answers to the increasing demand for a comfortable, automated driver experience. No need to leave the car or open windows. Fuelmatics offers a unique business opportunity in a market with few parameters for winning shares. At the same time, it’s the most efficient and environmentally friendly concept on the globe. It’s actually a paradigm shift.
— Feulmatics

1308 Productions

1308 Productions, a not-for-profit organization, is working in the Miami area working to bring music education to public schools. In a time where music education programs have been scaled back and downsized and cut out of the curriculum entirely, 1308 Productions’ goal is to foster music education programs nationwide, even globally, with programs in locations from New York to Haiti.     

1308 Productions appreciates and applauds music educators, giving them public recognition for their tireless efforts. Especially in these times of cut-backs and withdrawal of systemic support for music and the arts, community advocacy for the continuation and expansion of music programs is vitally important. A mixture of talent, energy, enthusiasm and public service fuels 1308’s continuous productivity and recognition.
— 1308 Productions

Clutch Prep

Clutch Prep attends to the very tangible need of students everywhere; when many textbooks are written inaccessibly, it may be difficult for students to engage with the subjects being taught. That’s where Clutch Prep comes in, with a library of educational videos that walk students through concepts introduced the textbook. Resources like these often prove invaluable to students who have difficulty following concepts in class. Clutch Prep is making learning easier for students, making difficult topics much more approachable, and improving the overall academic experience.

Clutch Prep was founded with the mission to help students succeed in their classes. We believe in a learning model that consists of straight-forward explanations, relevant examples, and thorough practice.
— Clutch Prep

Farm Tropical

If you’re interested in purchasing fresh, wholesale tropical produce, Farm Tropical has you covered. Their site features a fantastic array of tropical and exotic fruits that can be very difficult to find in the USA, from Rambutan to Mangosteen to other fruits you may or may not have heard of. They’re committed to bringing consumers closer to farmers, and to getting your produce to you as fast and fresh as possible with priority overnight shipping.

Our clients enjoy a product with an extended shelf life because of our adaptation and implementation of modern technology. It is now possible to harvest, clean, pack, and ship fruits into the US market within 24-48 hours. We pride ourselves in providing exceptional customer service along with simple access to some of the world’s most exotic Tropical Fruits.
— Farm Tropical


CareCloud is a company dedicated to helping healthcare run better with its cloud-based system for managing patient information. With a focus on modernizing the tools used for data management, CareCloud seeks to make the process of healthcare both more efficient and more successful.

Our mission, therefore, is to re-platform healthcare with modern, cloud-based solutions. Our open platform is intended to help providers maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of their practices while connecting and collaborating directly with patients in support of better care… Ultimately, in partnership with our customers, we seek to make healthcare run better.
— CareCloud

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