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5 Interesting Chicago Startups


With our new Startup Center, we wanted to take the time to highlight 5 Interesting Chicago Startups that we came across. Check them out!


Rise is currently working to enhance elite athletes sleep by offering athletic organizations a comprehensive sleep coaching program that coordinates everything a player needs to improve sleep behavior and consequently performance.

Harnessing the science behind sleep, we give elite athletes the power to perform at their best with the help of continuous, personalized insights, guidance and feedback.
— Rise


KEYO allows you to pay with the palm of your hand. Literally. This Startup has a great website that showcases what they are trying to do as a team. They have also added roughly 6 organizations into their network. 

Our vision is to improve the human experience by eliminating physical cards, keys, and tickets.


Classkick is on a mission to dramatically increase student learning by building technology that students and teachers love. 

The Classkick Team believes it is crucial to understand the most fundamental needs of teachers, students, and parents in education. In doing so, we can build extremely focused and impactful technology that demonstrably increases student learning and development. Classkick is founded by teachers and engineers.
— Classkick

Narrative Science

Narrative Science is humanizing data like never before, with technology that interprets your data, then transforms it into Intelligent Narratives at unprecedented speed and scale.

We live at the intersection of technology and humanity, where the two come together to make each other better. Maximizing the impact of data. Making it work harder. Empowering your people to work smarter. We help your organization unleash its greatest potential. We are Narrative Science.
— Narrative Science


Scout is a self-installed, wireless home security system. They've created a more open, affordable and modern system than what is available on the market today. With month-to-month contracts and portable devices, Scout is a renter-friendly solution for the other 80% of the country.

Our mission is to create a home security system that is smart, simple and affordable.
— Scout

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