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Top 5 Los Angeles Startups


With our new Startup Center, we wanted to take the time to highlight 5 Los Angeles Startups that we came across. Check them out!


Bottlenose is an analytical tool for extracting insights out of your data. With pattern-recognition and machine learning, Bottlenose can predict changing trends and display them in their user-friendly platform, so you can be better prepared for whatever comes next and make smarter business decisions.

The Bottlenose team has a passion for making machine learning, data mining, and predictive analytics easier than ever before. Our unique combination of data scientists, computer scientists, and solutions professionals work closely with our customers to bring these capabilities into reality so they can use them in their everyday work. Take a look for yourself at just how easy data analysis can be.
— Bottlenose



More and more often, it feels like there’s a distance between ourselves and our doctors, a professional and personal gulf which encompasses all communications with them. We can even feel at odds with our doctors or find ourselves having difficulty relating things to them. Heal promises to help bridge the gap between doctors and patients, announcing the return of the “house call”, with a modern twist. Doctors can be reached online, and can come to your very own doorstep, providing you with more personalized care.

I created Heal to make life easier for busy parents and adults to get world-class primary care in the comfort, convenience, and privacy of their home.
— Heal



FloQast is an accounting secure, cloud-based software made to streamline the accounting process by merging several functionalities into one program, removing several steps in the accounting process. Add to that a real-time functionality that’ll keep you up to date and the ability to work in multiple currencies, and you have a powerful software designed to help you keep better books.

FloQast is close management software built by accountants for accountants so they can close faster and more accurately. We know how important Microsoft Excel and the General Ledger are in your day-to-day, which is why we built FloQast to seamlessly integrate with your existing systems and checklists to work the way your team does. FloQast provides a single place to manage the close and give everyone visibility. It improves team alignment and is the future of the month-end close.
— FloQast


CUJO is a small, pod-like device that protects all your internet-connected devices with its smart firewall. CUJO analyzes your internet traffic for suspicious activity, and if it spots anything, it’ll send you a notification on the companion app for your phone. It also sports the capability to police your internet traffic, blocking sites that may be inappropriate for younger eyes. CUJO is a useful internet security tool for both homes and businesses.

With billions of connected devices, our lives are increasingly exposed to virtual threats. Traditional security solutions are outdated with cybercriminals creating new ways to reach into your home every day. We are inspired to be working on a device that will allow you to experience a connected life without compromise.


Hyperloop One is an ambitious program: it aims to build a transportation network for both people and cargo, using state-of-the-art technology. Hyperloop One uses an electric vehicle in a low-pressure tube, reducing friction using an electromagnetic track. This allows the vehicle to achieve incredible speeds across long distances. It features an entirely automated system, removing human error, and weather won’t be an issue inside Hyperloop's enclosed traveling tube. It’s an exciting idea for the future of public or private transportation.

A growing global economy requires faster, cheaper, safer and more efficient transportation modes. Our roads, airports, and ports are congested. We haven’t had a new form of transport in 100 years, and we’re due for one, especially one that is ultra-fast, on-demand, direct, emission-free, energy efficient, quiet and has a smaller footprint than other high-speed transport modes. Hyperloop is additive to existing forms of transportation and will integrate seamlessly with the transport ecosystem.
— Hyperloop

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