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Houston Startups


With our new Startup Center, we wanted to take the time to highlight 5 Houston startups that we came across. Check them out!

Obella Be

We keep track of our steps, our sleep schedule, our caloric intake and even our friends! So, why wouldn’t we want to do the same for our pregnancies? Obella Be is a start-up company that specializes in creating technology to help mothers keep track of a healthy lifestyle before, during, and after pregnancy. By using the Obella Be App along with its wearable health companion, you are able to monitor your vitals, be reminded of doctor appointments, and share about your pregnancy experiences with other expecting mothers on the Obella Be social platform. Obella Be is gateway to the “Fitbit” of pregnancy.

We believe a woman’s health must be a top priority; that’s why our focus is on empowering her to take charge of her health.
— Obella Be

Next Seed

Whether you have a dream to be an investor like the Wolf of Wall Street or own a cool small business like Bob’s Burgers, NextSeed is the company to help you succeed. NextSeed is an online platform where investors can invest in small, local businesses and seek actual monetary returns. It also gives small businesses an opportunity to seek loans from numerous different investors through crowdfunding. NextSeed’s business model aims to help communities flourish amongst themselves by having local investors put their money into local establishments.

Our Mission is to Connect Businesses and Individuals to Build Vibrant Communities
— NextSeed

Thrive CRM

Clicking back and forth from Gmail, to Inbox, to Calendar, to Contacts can be time consuming and frustrating. If only there were a platform to help relationships and businesses… THRIVE. Introducing Thrive CRM, a platform that condenses all important information from Gmail and Inbox to help you better your business. Thrive CRM will allow you to automatically see a contact’s profile when an email is opened so you can manage your relationship better and reference past emails quicker. Thrive CRM also can generate reports with the data from your emails and activity on it to help forecast your revenue and seek opportunities.

Thrive CRM works where you work, in Gmail and Inbox, helping you effortlessly manage contacts and turn incoming emails into opportunities.
— Thrive CRM


How can a medical center save 4.2 million dollars? By using Luminare, an automatic sepsis screening system that shows patients real-time analytics and data reports.  Luminare’s sepsis screen, called Sagitta, gives the power of intelligent, real time sepsis attention at bedside of each patient. It is core to providing better care to patients and making like easier for healthcare providers. Sagitta provides rapid and accurate primary, secondary and tertiary assessments, making sure nurses can accurately assess every patient in less than 120 seconds. Sagitta can make the stay of patients shorter, treat them faster and save a hospital or medical center millions.

Not only does our system learn the patient and learn patient data; it learns the people who use it. It learns the disease, it learns the hospital and it learns the ecosystem it lives in.
— Luminare


Learning about grammar can be dull and discouraging, especially when it comes to trying to teach it to a room full of kids. Grammaropolis is a classroom aid that aims to help today’s youth understand the parts of speech by personifying them into characters that star in songs, books, videos and games. Grammaropolis is a fictional town where all parts of speech live! It is an innovative way to help children obtain the information about the parts of speech through a handful of different learning styles.

Grammaropolis was created and refined in the ultimate proving grounds: the classroom.
— Grammaropolis

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