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Rockfarm Supply Chain Solutions and Shane O'Connell Design Partner Up!


“About 12 months ago, some of us were sitting in on a meeting, looking for ways to continuously improve the brand, gain better market outreach.”

This is Dalton Graham, managed services coordinator at Rockfarm Supply Chain Solutions, and the conversation had just turned towards the story of Shane O’Connell Design’s partnership with Rockfarm. Shane O’Connell Design, with a wide range of services from visual identity to market research, took on Rockfarm’s commission with careful consideration and passion as with all projects. In the middle of their commission, an interview with Rockfarm’s Dalton Graham was organized, covering a swath of topics, from Rockfarm’s business to its history.

It was in 2008 that CEO Todd Collin partnered with President Brad Steward to form Rockfarm, with the company’s first official meeting held April of that year. Soon after that, the company accrued its first client, and the business expanded from there. From their holdings in East Dubuque, Illinois, Rockfarm became a successful trucking and shipment leveraging firm, and upon acquiring R&T Logistics in January of 2012, their business expanded from trucking into an all-in-one shipping and logistics service. As business grew, they outgrew their original offices several times over several years, finally settling into a corporate headquarters in Technology Park, Dubuque, Iowa. “All of this is information you can find on our website,” Graham states,

“and we’re proud of our history. But really, the story of Rockfarm wouldn’t be where Rockfarm came from; the story of Rockfarm is where we’re going.”


Utilizing decades of experience, Rockfarm continues to seek to improve their already robust business. They use technology to bridge the gap between the transporters and producers of goods, promoting cost reduction for all parties. “By tearing down the wall between who produces and who moves, we create savings for both producers and movers. Let me use an analogy,” Graham explains. “Imagine a triangle. Now, there are three main pieces of the triangle of Rockfarm. We bring providers, think your truckers, and bring them together with your shippers, the people who make products. And at the base of the triangle is Rockfarm… With so many services under one roof, it makes it easier to follow and maintain relationships with a bunch of different companies."

“Our TMS that we use at Rockfarm is a particular brand of software called MercuryGate", Graham continues. “It’s interesting because we’re one of only two companies approved to integrate this technology.” MercuryGate is a proprietary cloud-based Transportation Management System, or TMS, that prioritize a low Total Cost of Ownership. With MercuryGate, Rockfarm has the ability to provide cost-effective solutions to all their customers, from the Fortune 500 to the midsize companies, while maintaining a transparent, “open-book” pricing model. “We integrate MercuryGate to tell who is moving your product, how much they charge, where it's going, did it arrive on time, as well as other insights: where are the pain points, where are we missing deliveries and losing money on additional charges.”

As Rockfarm has continued to expand and improve, their need for sleek, updated, modern branding was identified as an area the company could strive to improve in. “We looked internally again and optimized our approach. We identified 3 essential channels of media we wanted to participate in: live video commercials, eloquent digital graphics, and social media to present it all on.”


Analyzing the current trends in marketing, a crisp minimalism was identified as the desirable trait for Rockfarm’s design. It was then that Rockfarm engaged the services of Shane O’Connell Design to craft their marketing material. Graham reflected on the experience of working with Shane O’Connell Design:

“It’s always good you can trust the organization you’re communicating with. Working with Shane O’Connell Design, we knew we’d get high-quality content, and that it would be a collaborative process. What started as a soft pitch became a pretty intense project. They were able to take out intense industry jargon and communicate it in a way anyone could understand.”

The resulting marketing material created for Rockfarm was received well. “It feels clean,” Graham remarks, “unobtrusive… it’s much easier for the viewer to follow the information. There was a lot of success there, and the company is proud to see it come to fruition. Having access to top-shelf quality in our graphics... it’s huge. Not to mention, they helped us optimize our website.” Graham’s testimonial concluded, “It really speaks to the wealth of different services that Shane O’Connell Design offers.” 

Shane O'Connell Design looks forward to the updates on Rockfarm's website and overall brand throughout 2018.

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