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From a marketing standpoint this is usually the first step in making your idea a visual reality. Where we believe startups fail the most is not giving their brand the attention and care it deserves from the beginning. If the story and messaging is not there, then the investors you need won't connect with your idea. We understand what it takes to get a startup off the ground and out in the real world. It's important to hand over this stage of the process to the professionals so you can work on more important aspects of the business. 

  • Brand Strategy
  • Logo Design 
  • Website Design
  • UI/UX Design
  • Sales Collaterol

Investor Engagement

Getting the attention of an investor is tough and most often startups are stuck searching. When the day finally comes they are left rushing to put together collateral that allows them to showcase their story. When startups rush on this stage of the process they may miss out on really important features while in the meeting. Shane O'Connell Design, LLC can help facilitate this process by getting your presentation ready. Check out the package breakdown below: 

  • Network Reach Out
  • Presentation Design
  • Explainer Video
  • One Sheets/Slicks


Real Data

Research is key with any startup whether you're just starting out or you are on your feet with thousands of users. Gathering the right data is vital and how you attract users to be apart of this process is tough.  Lets us put together your research needs. 

  • Research Implementation Plan
  • End User Surveys
  • Calculated Data 
  • Survey Development


Ground Game

Shane O'Connell Design, LLC  works with agencies and brands to engage consumers through experiential activation. This is a great way for startups to get their message out to their target audience. Having face to face interaction with your clientele is the best way to be remembered.

  • Promotional Tours
  • Products Sampling
  • Street Teams 
  • Tradeshows
  • Special Events

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